Our lawsuit


Three fans’ associations : MICHAEL JACKSON COMUNITY, MJ STREET, and ON THE LINE have decided to launch a law suit against Wade ROBSON and James SAFECHUCK before the district court of ORLEANS-FRANCE.

They wish to obtain the condemnation of those two people for the moral damages and emotionnal distress they put them into, following the accusations they alleged on TV shows all around the world.

Indeed, very recently, Mister James SAFECHUCK and Mister Wade ROBSON have fuelled an unprecedent media lynching of Michael JACKSON.

This is a rare impair to the memory of a deceased person, Michael JACSKON being dead since the 25th of June 2009.

The law prohibits the lacking in respect for the memory of the dead.

The media outreach of those very serious accusations insulting the memory of a dead man, questioning his dignity, is worldwide as the western countries are hit by it, and especially France.

The idol is accused of paedophile acts, including the organization of a wedding with a child.

The broadcast was also in French.

The damage suffered by this broadcast is undeniable.

Consequently, there is ground to obtain, in France, legal condemnations to repair the damages of the associations represented in this case.

Those associations have, by their bylaws and object laid down in their statutes, an interest to act and fight for the memory of their idol.

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